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We are currently experimenting and learning about soda blasting. Soda media is essentially Arm and Hammer Baking soda. Great for engine rebuilds, fire/mold/water damage restoration, Unfortunately cannot be dustless blasted and needs extra clean up maintenance.  The advantage of soda is it dissolves with water and  washes away. 

What types of media do we use in our mobile blasting application...and why.

Same mesh as Crushed Glass. environmentally safe non toxic also contains less than 1% silica. Great for coating prep, leaves an extra course finish due to its hard and jagged texture. The Baddest and Fastest Stripper we currently stock. We mainly use it for thick metals, heavy rust removal, and is great for powder coating applications. 

Mobile Dustless Blasting & Media Types: Environment Safe!

Our Medium weight Jack of all traits. 40/70 Mesh is great for virtually everything, and its 100% recycled bottle glass. which virtually doesn’t contain any of the OSHA identified Heavy/Toxic Metals and contains less than 1% silica. From wood/fiberglass to thin automotive sheet metal.  This is the primary  media used in our mobile blasting operations.

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Very fine 70/140 Mesh contains 0% silica. We mainly use this to clean stainless steel because its non ferrous and will not cross contaminate but can be used for anything, however its not great for stripping but rather cleaning. Produces a very bright and almost polished sheen.

Sandblasting Media

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