How much does it cost?

We use sand blasting abrasives that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and do not contain chemicals or chemical byproducts, and we minimize media and water to reduce both consumption and waste.

Each job is so different!  It depends on blasting time, surface square footage, and sometimes more.   However, it is more cost-effective than doing it manually or having shop that does not specialize in Dustless Blasting.  Give us a call!  We'll provide you a quick and free estimate for the job you have in mind.  Or, simply fill our appointment form to schedule time for a free estimate!

I have heard sand blasting can warp sheet metal.  Will the Dustless Blasting System warp metal?

We do not use your typical soda blasting equipment.  While our Dustless Blasting equipment can perform soda blasting (using a dryer and no water), we primarily use our equipment as designed (with water and abrasive material).  Learn more.

What kind of abrasive do you use?

Got questions about Mobile Dustless Sandblasting, soda blasting, or paint stripping?

Do we use soda blasting equipment?

Will your Dustless Blasting System hurt the environment?

Warping occurs when the metal heats up due to friction from dry abrasive. The Dustless Blaster will not cause warping, because friction and heat are reduced by the water. In fact, the temperature of the metal being blasted usually comes down about 10 degrees from ambient. Some people say warping can still occur regardless of temperature, we disagree. Have you ever seen a blacksmith working cold metal?  With that being said, you can still bend metal by applying too much pressure, just like you could bend it with a solid object. For large flat pieces of metal like trunks or hoods we recommend using about 70 PSI at a 20º angle to avoid bending metal.  Also, be careful not to separate the sheet metal from the metal bracing on the underside of a trunk or hood.

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Our favorite is recycled bottle glass because it’s clean, cheap, good for a wide range of jobs and eco-friendly.   We will use alternative abrasives depending on the type of job and surface.  Check out our media types page!

Dustless Mobile Sandblasting

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