Environmental Awesomeness!

No plume of dust​

What types of media do we use?

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Wood Restoration

Automotive & Fleet

Dramatically reduced abrasive consumption

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Water + media = fast, no warping, and eco-friendly

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Automotive Sandblasting

Our recycle crush glass and other media types beat soda blasting all day long.  Soda blasting is messy and harmful for the environment.

Our Sandblasting Work Speaks Volumes

We’ve collaborated with an array of awesome clients on the most rewarding projects.

What else do we do?

Welding, trail rigs, automotive aftermarket installations

What is dustless?

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Safer for nearby workers
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Farm or Heavy Equipment

The type of media used depends on the surface we are are stripping.

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Road Stripe Removal

FinishWorx is a locally owned and operated business specializing in mobile surface preparation and restoration.  We use Dustless Blasting equipment with our mobile paint stripping, graffiti removal, and cleaning services.  

We are not your every day sandblasting company.

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Save time and money

we take the labor out of sandblasting!

Fast, eco-friendly, and mobile

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Concrete & Stone Etching

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Dustless Mobile Sandblasting


What is your surface preparation challenge?

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