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Help on Hydrographics

Hydrographics as a process has been around since 1970 so it's not a new technique.  However the OEM manufacturers that patented the technology and it's process for use on their products were very protective of their magic process for printing onto 3d objects and would fiercely protect their research and development investment, often in court. 

Not everyone knows that patents only last for 25 years and once the patent has expired , unless the process has been altered it cannot be re-patented. So in 1995 this opened up this magical new process for customizing cars and motorbikes in ways that were previously only in the realm of air brush artists with decades of experience (and owners with really deep pockets).  The industry in America is HUGE and worth many hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars every year and is now becoming even more industrialised than when it was first invented.

So what does this mean for us in Blighty you ask, well the industry has been going over here for as long as 15 years (and maybe even longer) so it's not completely new, however it IS gaining popularity as the equipment and materials become more and more afordable. 

This opens up a whole new marketplace in the UK and in Europe for people with an interest (who previously couldn't afford it) to venture into the realms of custom finishing.  Here at FinishWorx we are dedicated to making you (our customers) successful, after all - if your making money , we're making money!!

Whatever you need in Hydrographics Supplies, if we haven't got it in stock we will do our very best to get it in stock and at a price that's competitive.

We may not be the cheapest for everything we sell but where we make a difference is that we will always stand by our products and more importantly , you - our customers.

Remember if you need to talk about a product or have a problem with your setup, we're always happy to help, by email, by text message and most importantly - By Phone!! - you can even come and visit us anytime you want as long as you give us a call first to check availability.

H519 Hydrographics Activator


Some people say what's with all the hype about H519, we say - it's not hype were just letting people know what H519 can do for them.

Just because an existing product has been working well for years doesn't mean a new product cannot be just as good if not better for a lower price.

What it actually means is that we are not greedy and manufacture H519 in such large quantities that we can pass on the bulk savings to you, our customers.

H519 Try it, you won't regret it.  Don't try it and you might!!